East Atlantic Plumbing Co.

Jay Tarrer
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★★★★★ in the last week
Woke up this morning to find a serious clog in the kitchen sink. All other drains were fine. I called the folks at East Atlantic and they sent someone over in short order. The problem was found in the drain in the crawlspace under the … More
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Response from the owner in the last week
Thank you we do are best to diagnose the problem and and get the problem fixed . Eastatlanticplumbing.net thanks you for your business
yolanda mcgee
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★★★★★ a week ago
I Love these’s Guy’s. They will get the job done & they are very friendly. Thanks Guy’s
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Megan Nichole
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★★★★★ in the last week
Great emergency Sunday call!
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Response from the owner in the last week
We do are best at anytime day or night thank you for your business eastatlanticplumbing.net Fran owner

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  1. After paying a plumbing company $299 Oct 2017, $299 July 22, 2018, and $321 August 11, 2018 to deal with my main sewer line back-ups and flooding at my home, I got some good advice to call Fran at East Atlantic Plumbing. I knew I was setting on another back-up time bomb if the ‘root’ cause was not taken care of. After some discussions with Fran of the issues and information associated with my main sewer line backing up, Fran got his crew to get on the problem. Josh (good man) came to my home and listened to the information I had regarding where I assumed the problem location was with my main 4 inch PVC sewer line. Josh dug up the location, found a small 1/4 inch root which penetrated a crack in my sewer line. The small root enlarged (due to feeding off the ‘sewers fertilizer’) to about 2 1/2 inches inside the 4 inch PVC line causing the multiple blockages over time. Josh cut and spliced a new section of 4 inch PVC into place, problem solved. Fran’s professionals are way busy, but Fran made sure Josh got to me before another blockage occurred and we got the real ‘root’ problem solved. I appreciated knowing exactly what the real problem was, and having it fixed. Fran is a trust-worthy professional, period. Thank You Fran & Josh.


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